Can CBD Oil Make You Hallucinate?

Updated: Aug 17

The unfortunate CBD nay-sayers out there have been known to make wild claims that CBD is psychoactive and has similar euphoric effects associated with THC or Marijuana. Simply put, that is a misnomer; to be clear about whether or not CBD oil can make you hallucinate due to psychoactive effects, one needs a little education about what CBD really is.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound extracted from the bracts or leaves of the female flowers of Cannabis sativa, a plant which almost in all its parts is characterized by the presence of cannabinoids, lipophilic molecules belonging to the family of terpenophenols.

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Can CBD Oil Give You Paranoia?

The positive effects of CBD are a by-product of the CBD oil binding itself to the CB2 receptors in our bodies, this is why we see anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects when using CBD. So, to answer the question “can CBD oil give you paranoia?” we say, no.

Now, if a user would prefer a more euphoric effect, then THC might be a better option for pain relief. It’s widely understood that THC and CBD produce very different effects for a variety of users.

If you choose to use THC rather than CBD tread lightly, paranoia is a common side effect due to overloading the body's CB1 receptors with too much THC. That’s not to say anything bad about using THC for medicinal purposes, we’re simply saying to always adhere to recommended dosages.

Does CBD Have A Psychoactive Effect?

We’ve gone over quality information that proves CBD oil DOES NOT get you high, there is still a sub-sect of the population that still believes it does.

The fact that CBD is derived from the cannabis plant is the main source of this disinformation but the fact remains, CBD has no psychoactive effects and will not get its users high…

No side effects, only effects!

THC and CBD can both be extracted from the Cannabis plant, it's only THC that will produce the "high" that it's users are chasing.

High-quality CBD products like the ones that can be found in the Amaro store, are created using strict guidelines to ensure that the THC levels are below the legal threshold set by the FDA, ensuring no psychoactive effects and no high for those looking for alternative medicines.

Does CBD Have Any Negative Side Effects?

The fact is, CBD is safe and well-received by most users but there are always going to be those who exceed the recommended dosage set by its manufacturer, right? For those who do, some of the more common reported side effects of ingesting CBD are headaches, diarrhea, fatigue and appetite changes.

We would be off-base to say that it’s only when CBD users exceed the recommended dosage is when side effects can occur so we always recommend discussing with your doctor before adding CBD to your daily regimen.

What Are The Health Effects of Using CBD?

The list potential benefits and therapeutic effects of CBD oil are tremendous. There are many ways that one could consume CBD for its amazing array of non psychoactive effects; one could vape it, eat it or absorb it through their skin via creams and oils.

Edible gummies and capsules are proven to be the most popular but as more information becomes available, more people are discovering the benefits of beauty products just like the ones found in the Amaro store.

CBD oil consumption is widely known to alleviate anxiety and depression, mitigate epileptic seizures, minimize PTSD symptoms, general pain relief, arthritis pain relief, other neurological conditions and so much more.


CBD oil will not make you hallucinate because the THC levels are virtually non-existent. It’s the THC in CBD’s cousin THC that is known for its psychoactive and mildly hallucinogenic effects on its users. If you are looking for a safe, high-quality CBD product you can look no further than the full line of products in our store.

We stand by the products that we manufacture to the degree of which they are the same products that we share with our own family and friends.

Amaro CBD donates a portion of it's annual profits to 17 Strong, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to young adults battling life threatening illnesses through providing victory trips and scholarships.

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