Can You Smoke CBD Buds

Updated: Aug 17

Any plant matter that can be hung up and dried up can be smoked up. That’s not to say you should throw caution to the wind and start smoking anything you can get your hands on but in regards to CBD flower, the answer is yes, you can certainly smoke it.

People from all walks of life are beginning to see for themselves that consuming CBD, whether that be from smoking CBD buds or if they’re dabbing CBD oil on their skin for cosmetic reasons, has many constructive purposes that can be life-changing.

Do CBD buds make you high?

No conversation about smoking CBD buds would be complete without talking a little bit about the differences between CBD and its sister bud, THC. THC buds are known for the mind-altering, intoxicating effect, “high”, that users experience when smoking the bud.

Unlike THC, smoking CBD flower will not get users high due to chemical compounds found in the CBD flower and the cannabis plant as a whole.

There are many, many different compounds that can be derived from the cannabis plant including but limited to THC and CBD. We are only scratching the surface as to what we know about these additional compounds and what types of effects or healing properties they have on the human body.

We like to think of it like this; there are Valencia oranges and then there are blood oranges, there are Honeycrisp apples and there are granny smith apples and just like that, there is CBD, THC and others we haven’t fully explored yet.

How much CBD flower can you smoke?

There are many ways CBD users can consume CBD, exploring the Amaro shop, you can browse our full line of CBD beauty products such as under eye serum or tinctures. Having said that, bioavailability is something to consider when deciding the method in which you choose, the speed and efficiency of which your body absorbs the CBD.

If smoking CBD buds, we encourage you to adhere to the strict standards that have been set aside by the product manufacturers recommended dosages.

It's inadvisable to smoke more CBD than what is needed and it should be considered best practices to follow the manufacturers recommendations. Just as with anything else in life, excessive consumption can create unforeseen issues. Remember, if you are regularly smoking CBD buds then you are consuming super-heated plant matter, so there is a carcinogenic risk involved that could potentially be harmful to your throat and lungs.

What does CBD do to you if you smoke it?

Smoking CBD buds is probably the fastest way to get the CBD into your bloodstream and producing the desired effects, this bypasses the body's clunky way of processing edible CBD products like gummies or brownies. We touched on bioavailability earlier in this post and this is why smoking CBD buds produces the healing effects much faster than with other methods.

Users will usually notice a sense of well being and relaxation after about 10 minutes of ingesting CBD. CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the body too so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you notice the nagging pain in your joints subsides after smoking CBD flower.

People are also discovering that CBD is amazing for providing relief from anxiety as well, so you would expect to feel relief in as little as 10 minutes of ingesting CBD.

If you do choose to smoke CBD flower to provide relief from any of these conditions, please choose a CBD product that comes from a reputable manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality CBD products.

How often should you smoke CBD for anxiety?

The first recommendation from us regarding how much CBD you should smoke to relieve anxiety is to follow the recommendations from the product’s manufacturer. Secondly, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with a doctor if you’re considering adding CBD to your daily regime for wellness.

Lastly, there doesn’t seem to be any set amount of CBD you do not smoke but ingesting too much CBD has been known to cause headaches so you’d want to avoid that. CBD can be such a life-changing compound to add into daily regime that you’d be doing yourself a disservice to ingest an irresponsible amount, even if you’re just aiming to relieve a bit of anxiety.


While the science is still unsettled we know for sure that yes, you can smoke CBD buds and yes, it’s a good way to experience the life-changing benefits of CBD.

If smoking heated plant matter is not for you, we recommend looking into the high-quality CBD products in the Amaro shop. Our products are sustainably and locally sourced from the magical soil of the great San Joaquin Valley in central California.

We fully stand behind our products and they are the exact products we recommend to our own family and friends.

Amaro CBD donates a portion of it's annual profits to 17 Strong, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to young adults battling life threatening illnesses through providing victory trips and scholarships.

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