CBD For Tooth Pain

Updated: Aug 17

In recent months more and more people wondered whether CBD for tooth pain is really effective or not. Research is lacking in this area, although important results have been achieved. There is no question that cannabidiol (CBD) has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and that it can be considered as a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic.

There's a lot of people talking about the extensive pain management and pain relief CBD has to offer what is CBD usage could extend it's healing properties for dental care too?

Tooth pain is arguably one of the most frustrating and painful ordeals we can experience. The nagging and discomfort caused by tooth pain can seem, well never ending.

But what if you could put CBD oil on a cotton swab and provide relief? Let's discuss first what CBD oil is not:

CBD is not a cure

As of the time of writing this article, CBD or CBD products have not been proven to cure any disease.

However, Cannabidiol also know as CBD, is an FDA approved means of providing relief from a variety of health problems without running the risk of creating dependency on any CBD products.

Depending on symptom severity, CBD can produce anti inflammatory effects, anxiety relief and pain relief from tooth loss or nerve damage in your teeth.

How CBD works

The process is very interesting indeed; the CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system by blocking pain receptors in turn providing the desired pain relief those of with tooth pain are so desperate to have.

What causes a toothache

People who wonder if CBD is good for tooth pain generally suffer from chronic pain, so in this article we will find out what its effects are. Before we get into this, however, it is important to understand what causes toothache.

Generally, toothache occurs due to pulpitis, which is a tooth infection. At the center of the tooth is the so-called "pulp", a soft area rich in nerves and blood vessels. Thanks to it you can feel the sensations of heat and cold. The moment in which it is infected or injured, you may feel pain.

Infections can result from:

  • Tooth decay;

  • Gum disease;

  • Traumas;

  • Compression.

There are also cases in which the pain of another part of the body – such as the ear – is perceived at the dental level.

In such cases, finding adequate care that can alleviate pain without resorting to several medications seems difficult.

More and more frequently people who use CBD report that they perceive obvious benefits, let’s get a better view of how it works on their teeth.

Can CBD help with tooth pain?

The short answer, yes. According to the research "Cannabidiol for Pain Treatment: Focus on Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action”, it is advisable to take CBD for tooth pain. It reduces pain and inflammation by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. These receptors communicate with the immune system and reduce its responses in case of pain.

In addition to providing relief from tooth pain, CBD has also been shown to aid in reducing the severity of bacterial infections in gums. It's worth noting that if your pain persists longer a few days you should seek the help of your local dentist.

What are the side effects

CBD relieves pain and swelling from toothache. There are no particular side effects for taking CBD, it doesn’t even cause headaches as others believe, so long as you are adhering to the recommended dosages.

Unfortunately, however, not all CBD products are the same, in some of them are mixed chemicals that are not beneficial for human health.

There have been some instances of nausea or dry mouth associated with exceeding the recommended dosages. So, if you decide to give any CBD products a try for tooth pain management, please ensure that you are adhering to the recommended dosage from it's manufacturer.

Using CBD oil

If it's fast, effective relief you searching for then you should consider trying one of our CBD oil tinctures. Using the CBD oil is very easy, just apply a drop or two to a cotton swab, q-tip or even a finger and gently rub the oil into the affected area.

All of the Amaro products have been stringently tested to ensure the highest possible level of quality on the market, we're true farm-to-table CBD.

If you are having trouble with this method another common form form CBD usage is by adding a few drops to your toothpaste and gently brushing the affected area.

The potential of CBD against toothache and dental disease is not clear yet. Regardless, you should always consult your dentist before adding CBD to your daily tooth care regimen.


If you consider the wealth of research that's been done on CBD and it's effects on pain relief, it's clear that YES, CBD oil is effective for providing tooth pain relief.

Amarocbd body care products are CBD based and our quality is second to none. We decided to invest in this natural remedy because we strongly believe in it's beneficial qualities and there is strong evidence to support our claim.

Buy quality products like ours today and free yourself from the tooth pain that you've suffering from.

Amaro CBD donates a portion of it's annual profits to 17 Strong, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to young adults battling life threatening illnesses through providing victory trips and scholarships.

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