How to Get Rid of CBD Oil in Your System

CBD is now recognized as a popular alternative to mainstream medicine because of its availability, ease of use and miraculous effects with no harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs are notorious for their host of potential negative side effects and high costs so it's no wonder that high- quality CBD products have been adopted by so many.

Still, there lives a stigma because of the close association with it’s cousin, THC and the culture that it has traditionally been associated with.

People are now looking past the facade and realizing that CBD has been proven to be a variable and sustainable alternative for those seeking relief from anxiety, chronic pain and mood swing disorders to name a few.

However, in this post we will be taking a different angle and exploring the methods of how to get rid of CBD in your system, enjoy

How Much CBD Is In Your System?

The quantity of CBD in your system is a by-product of the quantity of CBD you consume. Heavy CBD users will experience a compound effect of high levels of CBD in their system due to their usage habits. Light users may have little to no trace of the compound lingering in their bloodstreams.

People have been known to cycle their CBD use in an effort to lower the residual buildup of CBD in their systems. For instance use it for a week and then slow down for a week but ultimately the decision is up to you based on the unique needs.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The length that CBD will stay in your system is directly related to the quantity and frequency of the CBD products that you are using. CBD metabolites have been known to vacate the body after only a few days in light users or up to several weeks for heavy users.

The fact to consider here is that CBD compounds are fat-soluble, so they are stored directly into fat cells. It stands to reason that individuals with slower metabolisms may hold onto the CBD metabolites longer in their systems than others.

How Do You Normally Consume CBD?

There are many options to consume CBD so it comes down to personal preference. CBD absorption rates will vary depending on the method of consumption for example: Edibles will have a slower absorption rate and bioavailability, the rate at which CBD absorbs into the bloodstream, based on the body’s natural metabolic processing of ingested compounds.

  • Vapes

  • Edibles

  • Oils and tinctures

  • Pills and capsules

  • Topicals

Smaller doses of edibles have proven to be more potent due to the slow metabolic process and certain vapes can vary determined by the frequency of draws you are taking from your vaporizer. Topicals like the ones sold in the Amaro Shop, are considered to be a topical or, transdermal, method of consumption.

Although the bioavailability may be slightly lower with topicals, they are known to produce a more consistent effect in turn creating a more predictable outcome.

Creating consistency in your routine’s effectiveness is a major factor in long term adoption and success of any supplement regimen.

Methods To Get CBD Out of Your System

Flushing CBD out of your system, in theory, will work in similar fashion to flushing THC out of your system. We would recommend upping your daily intake of water to at least 2 liters. The increase in water will cause an increase in urination, this is where your body rids itself of toxins and other compounds like CBD.

You could also explore adding more physical activity such as walking, running, yoga or weight lifting. The increased perspiration will in turn release any residual toxins or compounds like CBD from your body.

A modification of your diet could be another method you might try as increased fibrous foods could increase your natural bowel movements which again, aids in ridding your body of toxins and other compounds such as CBD


You can use the information we discussed in this post to help lower or completely get rid of the residual CBD that could be lingering in your bloodstream. Having said that, if you are Interested in trying our high-quality, Plant-Based Beauty & Wellness products, we offer two Amaro Gift Boxes, The BEAUTY Box and the WELLNESS Box.

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